Top 5 Best Alternatives Of Flippa

Flippa is the largest marketplace right now for buying and selling websites. It was very much useful for most website owners for selling their websites or buying a new one for them, few years back. As it grows larger, it became difficult to sell a website there now because the priority was given just to quality and valuable websites by the buyers. Otherwise, if your website is not that valuable with quality, it would remain there as it is forever. You might have spent hours and days continuously on your website and it might not be getting that valuable to get sold on Flippa. So, we have figured out that there are some of it's best alternatives which can be used to buy and sell websites. You can use them if you think Flippa is not gonna help you for selling your website.


First best alternative for Flippa is Sedo which is not just a largest marketplace for domain, but also it provides domain parking services for it's customers. There is not much difference in both of them, but Sedo won't create big problems for you if you want to sell your domain. So, you can make it your choice.

Website Broker

Website Broker is not less than others! It's also a world's largest marketplace as till now since it was established in 1997. It's one of the very old websites being at the top. It has a big category of professional and premier websites and domains for sale. Website Broker can be your choice if you are looking for professional websites and domains, though you can also look for lot of small websites as well.

BuySell Website

BuySell Website is similar to Website Broker, but they also provide website appraisals through which you can see the worth of a particular website, it's earnings, incoming traffic etc. It focuses more on start-up websites. It's also one of the best alternatives of Flippa for domain and website buying/selling.

Digital Point Forums

It's a forum where majority of people buy and sell websites. However, it's most perfect benefit is that it's listing is entirely free. So, it will be great to sell your existing website and buy a new one. It gives a good chance for low-quality and moderate websites in comparison with Flippa. The only matter is that you have to be careful about scammers. As it's listing is free, lot of people come to sell their websites and there could be scammers as well.


eBay is a world's one of the most popular online auction website which almost focuses on everything including websites as well. But there couldn't be a big category of websites for buying or selling as like Flippa. Still you can have a good chance to sell your website or buy a new one. just be careful when buying a new website because people sell all-kinds of websites here. New websites can have a bad record as compared to good one! It can be useful but spammy too.

That's a list of best Flippa alternatives. Hope you'll like it! If any of these alternatives is useful to you, then kindly don't forget to share your experiences with us. We'll be glad to have your feedback!

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