How To Get Rid Of Google Penalties?

How To Get Rid Of Google Penalties?

Every website owner works hard for his/her blog in order to get it to the top position in rankings to make it visible on the first page of search results and for receiving more unique traffic. This technique just works with Search Engine Optimization if you do it in a right way.

However, search engines have policies to rank various websites which are really deserved to rank get visible on the first page of search results and it really depends the overall site's optimization; like keyword research and quality content etc. 

But sometimes, people look for shortcuts to rank better and get themselves in trouble. Google crawls every website and if any website is not according to their policy, they'll penalize it. Violating Google policy could result in permanent removal of a website from search results. So, here we are going to discuss few interesting and useful tips to get rid of Google penalties. They're much easier-to-implement than getting penalized, because getting black listed could be a long-time run without visibility of your website on SERPs. So, let's discuss those tips:

Original And Productive Content

How To Get Rid Of Google Penalties?

Since many years, content is given the more priority because it all starts and ends with it. The best way to keep your blog or website's reputation on high level is to produce original content. Because if Google founds any duplicate content on your website, it'll penalize you. And that penalty could cost you a lot!

Google mainly focuses on in-depth and useful content. It can help you to drive huge traffic to your blog or website.

No doubt, in-depth and original content takes much time and efforts to be completed but it is the best way to increase your website's reputation.

Backlinks Through Guest Posts

Many people find it a shortcut to write guest posts on other blogs for backlinks, which is probably not a good idea. That's because of irrelevant backlinks to your website and maybe low in quality as well. That's why Google made a policy to penalize such websites which are getting low quality and irrelevant backlinks through guest blogging.

Keep in mind that guest posting not yet dead. You still can do it but be very careful about it. Just do guest posting on those blogs which are relevant to yours, so that the backlink you get is relevant and considered good in quality.

Also keep in mind that you should not rely on getting backlinks from guest posts only. There are other ways too to get backlinks.

Avoid Low Quality Backlinks

How To Get Rid Of Google Penalties?

Google has updated it's algorithms which could penalize your site if it has low-quality backlinks. Be aware of it! Once your blog or website gets in to the black list of Google, it's really difficult to recover.

For avoiding trouble, keep track of all the links pointing at your website. So, that you can remove them by figuring out some way.

Through Google Webmasters Tool, you can get track of search traffic and links to your site. Download the list every 2 - 4 months and check out which are irrelevant and low quality links.

Google for the ways to get those links removed.

Use Anchor Text Naturally

So, you must have heard earlier that keyword rich anchor text helps a lot with the ranking boost of your site. Yes, it was used in that way to rank sites better, but Google have made some changes and things are more going towards pure needs.

Now, change your mind a bit! Anchor text you use should be natural in way to please search engines otherwise, expect penalties. Because Google has changed it's way of considering anchor text found on websites.

You have to use different combinations of your keywords, rather than repeatedly using your keywords all around on a blog post or a page. Use branded keywords on your links which do show up with uniqueness of your website.

Your Website Design

How To Get Rid Of Google Penalties?

Yes! Your website design is also important to get rid of Google penalties. Nowadays, most websites are receiving huge traffic from smartphone devices, tablets and other portable devices.

So, if your website design is responsive enough to display your website well on those devices, then it's considered as BEST in search engine's point of view.


The final point to understand is that Google focuses on producing relevant and quality results for it's users. So, you have to keep going as Google likes because that's the only way to get good ranks in search results. Study recommended guidelines by Google and produce unique and useful content on your website. Make things easier for your readers and Google will easily get impressed with you!

That's all! Share your experiences with us if you have ever been penalized by Google and share your best feedback for this post.

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