How To Turn Your Blog Into An Income Machine In Minutes?

There was a time when even trying to be online on the internet was tougher and expensive. But since a decade, technology has been much improved to make things easier and faster. Nowadays, internet has become a necessity for almost everyone. Internet has made communications easier than ever imagined earlier and even internet has become a place where you can launch your own blog or website and earn extra bucks in your pocket, which was not possible in early times. See how the time changes and now we're seeing new updates in technology regular basis.

Now if you are a blogger and unable to figure out how to convert your blog into an income machine, than you are at the right place. Here we are going to discuss some strategies to turn your blog into an income machine in minutes. Scroll down!

PPC Ads - Could Be A Best Choice

PPC Ads earning

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It makes sense that monetizing a blog for ads provided by a platform like AdSense could be a good choice and your blog can generate good revenue. But it depends on your blog's proper niche and how much visits and page views  you get regularly. There are plenty of ad formats that you can choose from like; display ads, text link ads and paid content ads etc. Every time a visitor clicks on the ad in your blog, you'll earn from it. Not every blog is capable of generating good revenue, but still it's a right choice for even small bloggers to get start with it.

For example, if you get 100,000 page views on your blog, there are big chances that you'll earn around $200 regularly. As aforementioned, blog's niche plays a big role and also it depends on how you configure your blog with structure and SEO along with your productive content. Optimize everything carefully to drive more traffic, more money!


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also a great way to generate some extra bucks from your blog. It won't take your ad space, though you'll be writing about the brand products to promote them. If you get good traffic on your blog than you'll earn commission each time someone will make a purchase on that product referred by you.

There are plenty of websites like which allows us to promote their products on our blogs. It depends on you that how you write a good content for those products and promote them, and engage more audience attention towards them. More clicks on your blog, leads to more purchases on those products and generate a good commission. Many people take a good advantage of it. Commissions can range from 10% to 30% per purchase. Try it out, if you are interested!

Sell Stuff On Your Blog

E-commerce sell stuff on blog

Ohh! Yes.. If you don't want to put ads on your blog, making it messy and even not being in favour of promoting other's products, then you may choose to sell your own products on your blog. You can sell anything you like; eBooks, video tutorial DVDs, web templates and any other products that you like. There are plenty of choices. All you need is a shopping cart plugin on your blog that can help you to sell your own products on your blog. Doesn't matter which platform you are using for your blog. Search for good shopping cart plugins.

Offer Consulting Services

Offer consulting services

What do you share on your blog? Exactly the thoughts on what you are passionate about. But that's not the end. You can also share your expertise with the whole world through your blog. Make awareness!

Just figure out what you are expert at and start your consulting business. There are many bloggers who offer their consulting services through their blogs, through which they generate good revenue as well. You can make and save money at the same time! Start marketing classes, teaching a specific subject or any other service that you might think you're better at.


It's not easy to reach the heights just in the start-up. It always needs investment of time and money, but in blogging it seems like you can get success even without investing money. In early times, launching a business wasn't a piece of cake, it needed lot of investment and focus. Now time has changed, even you can launch your own blog on free hosting domain and you can get chances to earn money once your blog gets famous.

If your blog has good range of page views, there are plenty of ways to earn money through it. So, by now you might have understood and got an idea that in order to turn your blog into an income machine, you have to focus on your blog's PR first.

That's all for now! Hope you may have chose what's best for your blog. If you are earning some very handy amount. Do share your experiences with us and our readers!

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