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13 February, 2012
20 Best Free Wordpress Themes Of 2012

20 Best Free Wordpress Themes Of 2012

The first line that captures your eye when you first log into the WordPress website reads "both free and priceless at the same time". And for good reason. WordPress is a powerful and user-friendly application the like of which had never been seen before. This award winning CMS promises blog-building, websites and many online applications to the masses.

The proof of its growing popularity can be sensed from the elevated number of websites which are now powered by WordPress. Many people are switching to WordPress due to its ease of use and accessibility which is a priority for newbies. It also provides a great number of themes the quality of which is increasing everyday.

The process of finding the right themes for your WordPress is tiresome so we are going to help you choose a theme for 2012. We are going to discuss the 20 Best Free WordPress Themes for the year 2012 in this blog.

ShutterShot Free WordPress Theme

Shuttershot is a unique theme which has been received well by many. When a visitors views a blog page or a page the background continues to change.

Grid WordPress Theme

gRID is a perfect theme for a blog or portfolio. Loads fast and has a simple enough design
which uses a 4 column grid layout to display posts.

FullScreen Free WordPress Theme

Fullscreen is a vivid theme that takes your space to a whole other level.
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